The Initial Consultation

Prior to starting the job, the most critical part of drilling a successful well is the initial consultation and selection of the site.  A qualified representative from out staff will evaluate the geography of your property for the best and most economical site for your well.

The Drilling Process

Once the drilling has begun, our expert staff will make every effort to keep the lines of communication open.  You will be informed of the progress of the well, and our drillers will be available for any questions during the drilling process.  The actual well is constructed per County ordinances and using State approved materials.  Peters' makes sure all required State and County well record forms are documented and recorded properly.  

Conscientious Practices

We believe that water is our most precious resource and that it should be protected as such.  All new wells are sealed in accordance with all State and local regulations to ensure that the groundwater we tap into is not contaminated.  Furthermore, during the drilling process, we take every step possible to control run off from entering native streams and waterways in the area.

Keeping your water ways clean and safeguarded.

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