Water Filtration

Getting green or blue stains on your inside fixtures?  Do you have hard water stains in your shower?  Iron stains?  Dingy laundry?  These are all indications that you may have a mineral or hardness problem in your water that can be addressed and corrected with the right filtration system.  

Determining Your Filtration Needs

Peters' offers a large array of water filtration systems that can address mineral or bacteria problems.  A water sample can be dropped off at our offices and a mineral test will be conducted. Once the test is complete, one of our water filtration experts will give you a call with the results of the test as well as an opinion on what kind of filters you may need and provide an estimate to install them. In a timely manner, one of our technicians can be out to install and calibrate your new filtration system.

Filtration Service

Along with installation of filtration systems, Peters' Drilling also provides service for new installs or exisitng systems, as most filter systems need to be periodically maintained by adding the correct amount of media.  

Peters' can add you to our filter service program in which you will be contacted and informed when your filter will need to be serviced and an appointment will be put in the schedule.  

Peters' offers free estimates on new filter installations as well as a service program to keep your filter working properly!

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