Well Production Testing

In the process of a real estate transaction where the home or property has a well on it, a well production test will generally be required.  These tests are basically like a home inspection on your well and will inform the buyer how many gallons per minute the well produces and also a sample will be pulled and tested to ensure that the well is bacteria free.  Trust the Peters' team to test your well!

Water Quality Testing

As mentioned, the well production test includes a potability sample (bacteria), however there is a wide range of samples that can be picked up and tested for upon request.  The real estate panel is common during real estate transactions and tests for the following items: Arsenic, hardness, iron, manganese, pH and specific conductivity.  

Real Estate Consultation

To better serve you, we offer to answer questions and be a resourse to you and your agents by having a company representative available by phone to answer any questions you may have about the well or pump system.  This can be very useful especially to customers that have never been on well water before.  

When buying a home with a well, trust the experts to evaluate the system!

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Note: All information is required to schedule a well test. Placer county well tests are 4 hours long and appointments will be scheduled at 8 a.m. *Well test package includes yield and potability (bacteria) sample. **Counties outside Nevada County may incur additional costs.